Pet Sitting Prices

Below is a brief outline of the prices for the services we offer.  If you don't see exactly what you or your pet needs contact us and we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Please note that prices quoted are a guide and may differ depending on the needs of the pets and their owners.

These prices do not include a mileage charge. Mileage is charged after the first 4 miles at 25p per mile per trip, discounts can apply.

Visit times can be changed to suit your needs.

Bank holidays may incur an extra charge, please contact me for details.Back to top

One to one dog walking       Group dog walking      

  Pet sitting      Overnight stay

One to one dog walking     

     13 for one hour walk.


Puppy socialisation visits

     13 for one hour visit or two 30 minute visits for 15 (will become 9.50 per hour when group walking)


Group dog walking

Daily rates

     9.50 for one hour walk. 


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Quick visits


     13 for one hour visit



     7 for at least 20 minute visit

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Small animals

     5 for each 15 minute visit


Overnight stay

     25 for overnight stay